Ready, Mom?

She just doesn’t get tired of spending time with me. When it’s just us at home, she’s right next to me helping to get things done around the house and chatting my ear off. She sobbed this morning at the door of preschool because she wanted “to be wif” me . Even when I told her that I had boring work and errands to do, she wanted to come with me.

The truth is that I needed a bit of a break this morning. She’s been sassy lately when we’re not paying direct attention to her, it’s hard to finish a thought, let alone begin one.

Even though I had a couple hours to myself this morning, I was no more prepared for the attitude she brought to the dinner table. I have to remember that she really, really, really likes spending time with us.  All through the snappy comments and screeching, she mostly wants to be with us.

I like to ‘be wif’ her too. Even on the days where I think I need a break from the extra bit of sass that she’s packing.

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