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We went to visit Barry’s grandparents/parents today in order to keep up with the tradition of a Labor Day BBQ with his side of the family. We were able to snap some family pictures outside of his grandparent’s house, and many of them are nice images, but I love this one of his grandparents. It just captures them and how they look to me. They live on property adjacent to where Barry grew up and there are so many beautiful pockets on their land. It’s truly a photographer’s dream. There’s this old work bench in the garage that looks like it has lived a good life and I sometimes want to take it home and listen to see if it’ll tell me stories. 

And our blog is acting strange lately, I’ve spoken to my ‘webmaster’ about it….we’ll see if he can work his magic. 

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How They Feel About It


Maggie starts ballet soon and the other day we rifled through our bins of clothes to find some appropriate fitting leotards and tights. After seeing Maggie trying things on, Audrey insisted on squeezing into a tutu as well. One way or another, we ended up outside for a bit and I snapped this quick picture. It wasn’t planned or staged, and maybe the one right after it is of Audrey running away in a blur, but I think this captures their relationship right now quite sweetly. And how cute are Audrey’s legs and little tush? 

Sister Love

The Quilter in Her



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My mom has the nickname “Fidget” in our family because she has a hard time, as Maggie would say, ‘taking a chill pill.’ My mom is a mover and a shaker, a woman that gets things done before the rest of the world has even opened their eyes. For as long as I can remember, she’s been a maker, a creator, and somebody that likes to learn how to do new things. Rug making, basket weaving, doll making, clothes making, what have you, she’s probably dabbled into it. She’d probably never brag-talk about her quilting that she’s gotten into in recent years, but that’s where I come in. We photographed most of the quilts she’s made a few weeks ago. They are astoundingly gorgeous. She has also given quite a few away, those aren’t pictured here, obviously. I’m working on a photo book that includes a bit of her thinking about each one. This is a preview to that, I suppose. Enjoy and, quilters, be amazed!

 quilts quilts-32 quilts-31 quilts-30 quilts-29 quilts-28 quilts-27 quilts-26 quilts-25 quilts-24 quilts-23 quilts-22 quilts-21 quilts-20 quilts-19 quilts-18 quilts-17
quilts-11 quilts-10 quilts-9 quilts-7 quilts-6 quilts-5 quilts-4 quilts-3 quilts-2

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