Picture of the Day

audrey on a bike


A quick one from this summer. My mom and Dad got this bike for Maggie when she was about 20 months old and she liked it just enough. Jump ahead three years and Little Miss Danger Cat loves it. It’s small enough that her little legs reach the pedals and steady enough that she doesn’t feel too wobbly. And the blazing white sweatshirt was a gift from my New Jersey ‘family’ that I lived with and nannied for a couple summers. I should write about that/them someday, but I spent some summers on the Jersey Shore before it had the reputation that it does now….For the record, that white sweatshirt isn’t white anymore. 


Maggie Mae at 4.5 Years

Maggie Mae01Maggie Mae21 Maggie Mae03 Maggie Mae04 Maggie Mae05 Maggie Mae06 Maggie Mae07 Maggie Mae08 Maggie Mae09 Maggie Mae10 Maggie Mae11 Maggie Mae12 Maggie Mae13 Maggie Mae14 Maggie Mae15 Maggie Mae16 Maggie Mae17 Maggie Mae18 Maggie Mae19 Maggie Mae20 Maggie Mae21 Maggie Mae22 Maggie Mae23 Maggie Mae24 Maggie Mae25 Maggie Mae26 Maggie Mae27 Maggie Mae28 Maggie Mae29 Maggie Mae30 Maggie Mae31 Maggie Mae32 Maggie Mae33 Maggie Mae34 Maggie Mae35 Maggie Mae36 Maggie Mae37 Maggie Mae38 Maggie Mae39 Maggie Mae40 Maggie Mae41 Maggie Mae42 Maggie Mae43


Favorite Corner

maggie audrey readingMaggie’s room is slowly becoming my favorite room in the house. She likes being in there and it is a refreshing burst of color for anybody else that gets to spend time there. I came across both the girls quietly reading on Maggie’s bed the other day. It lasted a few minutes, and I happened to have my camera on her dresser, so I was able to snap a picture before they started a sumo wrestling match. Other things to note include Audrey’s candy corn shirt. Audrey really likes to ‘get dressed’ and once I pulled this shirt out of the Fall bin, she immediately loved it. Anytime she wears it, which is anytime it is clean, she insists on people touching the ruffle candy corn. It’s funny and sweet.


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