A Day in December

The year before last, we made ridiculous turkey cakes with Caroline and Nicole and this past year (2014) we had to follow it up with another baking project. We turned cupcakes into trees and it was actually a pretty fun baking project….and Nicole was a miracle-worker with the frosting, so we were all happy. Here are the pictures from that day waaaayyy back in December. 

caroline maggie audrey-2 caroline maggie audrey-3 caroline maggie audrey-5 caroline maggie audrey-7 caroline maggie audrey-8 caroline maggie audrey-10 caroline maggie audrey-11 caroline maggie audrey-12 caroline maggie audrey

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My girls both have Little Mama hearts and have been in full mothering mode for a few months now. For the most part, it is very sweet to see them rocking, wrapping, and loving on their babies. Maggie has had New Baby since her second birthday, a garage sale find from my mom that has always been deeply loved by Mags, and Audrey has really loved Dollie, a little rag-muffin red haired doll. It’s really quite fitting. 

That said, I keep noticing that Audrey is developing a keen interest in New Baby. Maggie is definitely not done being a mama to her baby, not really ready to sign the ‘adoption papers’ over to Audrey. Most of the time it works out just fine and they can figure out a way to compromise and mother both the babies with just enough hugs and kisses doled out. 

It wasn’t until I uploaded a recent batch of pictures that I noticed a few sets that I’d taken a few days apart. In the first set, Audrey is watching Maggie get New Baby ready for bed and quietly sitting nearby. But in the second batch of images, taken while Maggie was at school, Audrey is doing it all on her own and copying everything that she quietly watched her big sister do. 

Monkey See, Monkey Do. A good reminder that my actions, choices and behaviors are being observed by the two of them….

maggie audrey dollie new baby maggie audrey dollie new baby2










tuesday-7 tuesday-6

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We got news that Barry’s grandpa passed away a few days ago. Living a short walk from Barry’s mom and dad’s house, we were often able to include a visit to Great Grandma and Grandpa Rhone while up in Alger. To have both my girls know their great grandparents has been such a blessing and Grandpa Rhone’s southern booming voice and curious questions about our lives will always be remembered fondly.  Here are a few of my favorite images of him. 





luther maggie

grandpa rhone