Maggie’s Room





We switched things up in Maggie’s room unexpectedly the other night and she was so happy with the results she was bouncing off the walls, literally, with excitement. A reminder that changing things up, without actually buying anything, can feel exciting. I love her room, it’s such a good, bright representation of who she is. It’s full of color, art, and handmade gifts from people in her life who really know and love her. I should have taken more pictures of the details….
s room-2 s room-3
s room-4 s room-5 s room

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Snapshots from October

maggie audrey october-23

October was a month of celebrating Halloween and walks to the duck pond. It was also the start of leaves falling in our backyard. Here are some of the snapshots that I didn’t get a chance to post from that month. My favorites in this batch include a visit to A-Town, a visit with my grandpa, and some reading. We’ve got some pretty happy chickens…..

maggie audrey october-24 maggie audrey october-25 maggie audrey october-26 maggie audrey october-27 maggie audrey october-28 maggie audrey october-29 maggie audrey october-30 maggie audrey october-31 maggie audrey october-32 maggie audrey october-34 maggie audrey october-35 maggie audrey october-36 maggie audrey october-37 maggie audrey october-38 maggie audrey october maggie audrey october-22 maggie audrey october-21 maggie audrey october-20 maggie audrey october-19 maggie audrey october-18 maggie audrey october-17 maggie audrey october-16 maggie audrey october-15 maggie audrey october-14 maggie audrey october-13 maggie audrey october-12 maggie audrey october-11 maggie audrey october-10 maggie audrey october-9 maggie audrey october-8 maggie audrey october-7 maggie audrey october-6 maggie audrey october-5 maggie audrey october-4 maggie audrey october-3 maggie audrey october-2


Papa’s Lil’ Helper




I remember my dad shaving with a metal bowl when we lived in The Little House and I also remember that he’d let me shave with him. That meant that I’d get a swirl of shaving cream and would get to use a butter knife on my face to scrape it of. I have vague memories of him patting my cheek to see if I had any more whiskers left and swirling my knife in the murky water. I probably slowed him down and would run to him whenever the shaving cream came out….come to think of it, my dad has had a beard for the past few decades…..interesting. Well, Little Miss Audrey loves to be in the bathroom with her Papa and ‘help’ in the daily duties of shaving. Barry, being the ever attentive and nurturing dad that he is, always includes her. Making memories in the smallest and slightest ways  day-to-day are sometimes the most special ones.
audrey and barry shaving-2 audrey and barry shaving-3 audrey and barry shaving-4 audrey and barry shaving

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