audrey on slide-2 audrey on slideI want to remember Audrey at this age for so many reasons. She is curious, smart, helpful, stubborn, loving, and brave. She’s the reason that we keep the toilet paper out of reach and I’m pretty sure someday she’s going to try to cut her own hair. When we’re at the park, she finds the highest point to climb and shimmies on up. Last week when we were at the beach and the park, she spent time both taste-testing the sand and climbing to the top slide. When it was time to go, she refused to follow us and instead went on the slide one more time. I wasn’t quick enough to get her and she ended up having one more turn…while we were getting in the car, Maggie said she wished that she was Audrey because Audrey was ‘lucky’ to get to go again. Oi. 



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Monday, Monday, Monday

Last week we did a craft project that involved small beads and glue….a few days ago we did one that involved glitter. I’d say by the looks of Maggie’s face in the third picture, we might be pushing the limits. In other news, Maggie learned to use my phone to text Barry today. I took a screen shot because it seemed appropriate. He once told her that he really likes sunflowers.

 And if you think I’m a miracle worker for posting, I’m pretty sure that the girls just discovered some of my lipstick. Glitter, beads, glue, lipstick….craft projects abound!!
audrey bell gltter maggie mae


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Maggie’s Room





We switched things up in Maggie’s room unexpectedly the other night and she was so happy with the results she was bouncing off the walls, literally, with excitement. A reminder that changing things up, without actually buying anything, can feel exciting. I love her room, it’s such a good, bright representation of who she is. It’s full of color, art, and handmade gifts from people in her life who really know and love her. I should have taken more pictures of the details….
s room-2 s room-3
s room-4 s room-5 s room

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