4th of July

For the Fourth of July this year we met up with some of our friends at a cabin that Joey’s family is in the middle of renovating. The cabin, which will one day not be under construction, was right on the beach and boasted the most stunning view. Maggie, being four, doesn’t care about spectacular views and later asked us if we were ever going to go back to the ‘dirty, old cabin,’  which we found to be very funny. 

It was a great day, even if a bit rainy, to spend with our friends that we don’t get to see as often as we’d like. Tyler, Kurt and Jeff dropped crap pots in the water, but we left when they were out picking them up. We timed our departure perfectly and watched all the fireworks on the way home, Maggie commentating from the back seat and Audrey sawing logs. 

I can’t wait to go back to the DOC (dirty, old cabin) and see what improvements have been made and spend time with our peeps. 

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Happy Camper

The summer after Maggie was born was one that I spent mostly inside either nursing or not feeling like I could step away from her for too long, even if she was napping. I don’t remember missing the sun or even wishing for a different time. This was the face that I looked at most of the time:


I was really, really happy being a mom and life beyond our front door essentially became grey and not that important or maybe too overwhelming and not really necessary. 

maggie mama

During that time, Chaya was teaching a drama camp for kids at Sue’s school nearby. She’d often come visit and talk while I nursed, holding and kissing Maggie at varying intervals. She’d talk about the outside world and I’d listen. I’d talk about sleep, nursing and probably baby poop and she’s listen. 

chach and maggie

We’d also talk about someday, way in the future, that maybe Maggie would be old enough to go to drama camp with Chaya. It always seemed like such a far off and distant possiblity. As Maggie as grown on to the dramatic, fierce, and Chaya-loving four year old, it has become obvious that she’d love drama camp. And yesterday she started a week of being a camper!


The icing on the cake in this story is really two things. Not only is Chaya Maggie’s teacher for drama camp, but so is Cora!! I don’t have pictures of Cora with Maggie at drama camp…yet. In addition to both Chach and Cora being her teachers for the week, Caroline is attending camp too!


It seems so long ago that Chaya would swing by after drama camp to catch up on the latest comings and goings at our house (which I’m sure were thrilling), but it’s even crazier that Maggie is old enough to be a camper for the week.  


If Audrey could, she’d attend camp in a heartbeat. Not so fast, Little Girl. That’s what I tell her. Not so fast. 

P.S. I love the idea of my girls growing up and working together because Cora and Chaya have the best of times together, just like sisters should. 

Caroline , friends


Have you seen these beautiful long, lost pictures that have been going around the internets? I LOVE them, because I love anything that has to do with mothers being mothers. Clink the link, you’ll be happier you did, I promise. 

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