Small Spaces

Our house is really small and I always tell Barry that I don’t really want a bigger house, but maybe a better designed home. Our kitchen can feel cramped and I really like baking, especially when the weather shifts. A close friend sent me a message the other day because her family had put an offer on a house that is roughly the same size that ours is. She wanted to know if I had any thoughts or advice on what it’s like to live in a small space. I didn’t really have much to say, only to remind her that a bigger space means more stuff and nobody really wants more stuff. Well, at least I don’t.

sisters little house swing

I also told my friend that I often think of my parents living in ‘the little house’ with  us three kids…while building a house. Talk about close proximity. But I love that growing up I knew how to be in a small space with my parents and brothers. Eventually we moved into the bigger house, but we went on plenty vacations where we shared small spaces (tents, cabins, condos…) and I’m glad for each one of those times. Because it taught me something that I hold dear to my core: the gift of experience is the very best gift ever. Time together is the best medicine. It’s how I was raised and it’s how I’d like my girls to be raised.  To know that being together, in life, is  good, healthy and where it’s really at. The good stuff. 


We do live in a small house. We don’t have a playroom, a great room, or even a dining room. Some days I think I want none of those and some days I think that I want all of those. But most days, I’m really glad that we’ve simply got what we’ve got and that we’re all squealing with happiness. The fact of the matter is this: if we’re home, we’re almost always in the same room together. It was true when Barry and I lived in the smallest house ever, and it’s true now with the girls. 

sisters untitled shoot-008

I hope my girlfriend and her family get the small house they put an offer on. Living small, in comparison to the rest of America (I’m well aware that many other pockets of the world is vastly different…), is a great thing. I find it hard to remember that. My friend has been wanting a little patch of green to sink her hands into and this little house might just be that place. This week another friend sent me this blog post and I really, really loved it. 


Classic Family Photo


Thanks, Mom and Dad, for taking us OUTSIDE so much of the time growing up.

And thanks for not letting our bickering get in the way of doing things together as a family.

I appreciate, now more than ever, the time that we spent together and the choice you made to be present in our lives. 

Classic Elvrum family photo, folks.

Love it. 


The Suitcase Chronicles

maggie suitcase pictures2

For quite a long time now, my mom has had this old green suitcase stored in my old bedroom at my parent’s house. It doubles as a toy box and most kids that come to visit know where they can get anything from dinosaurs to wooden blocks. I’ve had it in the back of my head, probably since Maggie was a toddler, that I wanted to somehow use it as a photo prop. I’d also found a gorgeous white dress at a thrift store for $4 a number of months ago, again wanting to try to get some pictures of Maggie in it before I let her run wild in it.  

As I’ve already posted, one thing lead to another recently and we got to have a bit of fun with the camera, dress, and suitcase. On the way out the door, I grabbed my dad’s stuffed dog, Tigger. My grandma thinks tigger came from a church rummage sale when my dad was a little boy. When I was a kid, my dad always made Tigger and his old bear talk to us, but he’d have to translate what they said because they always whispered in his ear. Seemed old Tigger enjoyed getting brought outside for some pictures as well. 

I’ve got one more batch from this night to share….

maggie suitcase picturesmaggie suitcase pictures-2 maggie suitcase pictures-3 maggie suitcase pictures-4
maggie suitcase pictures-5
maggie suitcase pictures2-2 maggie suitcase pictures2-3 maggie suitcase pictures2-4 maggie suitcase pictures2-5 maggie suitcase pictures2-6 maggie suitcase pictures2-7 maggie suitcase pictures2-8 maggie suitcase pictures2-9 maggie suitcase pictures2-10

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