On Saying Yes


Say yes to the best, and no to the rest. 

I have learned, time and time again, how easy it is to let the word ‘no’ slip from my lips when something is asked of me. Sometimes it might be a big thing and sometimes it might be a small thing, but the habit of responding in the negative is an easy one to develop and hang onto. As a mother, I’m trying my very, very best to say yes when I can and I’m learning that life is so much more fun when I do. I’m not saying yes to toys at the store or junk food around the house, but yes to LIFE and being in the world in a way that my two littles see it. 

This afternoon that meant that when Maggie spotted a slew of mud puddles left over from a recent rain storm, I said ‘yes!!’ when she asked to jump in them. We were already on our way home and I knew that everybody was about to get hangry (hungry + angry = hangry) if I didn’t get dinner started. 

But the mud puddles looked enticing to that 4 year old little mind of hers and she asked in the most polite way, so we parked the stroller and the two little chickens spent the next 40 minutes sprinting back and forth in the mud. Their smiles and squeals told me they appreciated my yes. We made it home with no complaining or crying and I got dinner on the table without too much drama. 

Last weekend my mom told me that she hears me laugh often with my girls. I wasn’t aware of it, but since she told me that, I’ve been hearing my own laughter booming through the house. I’m not certain, but I’m guessing that some of my laughter is coming moments after I say YES!!!

maggie audrey jumping in puddles-2 maggie audrey jumping in puddles-4 maggie audrey jumping in puddles-5 maggie audrey jumping in puddles-7 maggie audrey jumping in puddles-8 maggie audrey jumping in puddles

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audrey bell


Yesterday we were all outside and Barry was doing his ‘life’s work’  of raking the leaves that fall from our Tulip tree in the backyard while waging a war against the ones in the front yard. Maggie was helping him and Audrey and I were … helping in our own way. Audrey has adopted a red haired doll that belongs to Maggie and carries it around, rocks it and calls it her own. Thankfully Maggie, who is truly a mother to New Baby, is fine with Audrey taking over the other doll. Audrey spent her time outside yesterday playing chase, riding in the wagon and babbling at the rest of us. She’s a happy little camper…..and a good little mama to boot. 


maggie and audrey at grandma and grandpa elvrums


Our whirlwind visit to A-town included these two monkeys jumping on the bed in my old bedroom. The quilt is made by my mom, and the sunshine pillow and babushka pillow made my my aunt for me when I was a little girl. Monkey see, monkey do. 

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